Mid-Range Michiana Users Group


Past MRMUG Meetings
        January 2008        (General busuness meeting)
        February 2008        (IBM 15/OS V6R1 Announcement Update)
        March 2008        (Insight Without Boundaries)
        April 2008           (Power Protection)
        May 2008        (Cancelled)
        June 2008         (Building Spreadsheets from i5/OS Databases and Spooled Files)
        September 2008         (IBM Tape update)     
        October 2008        (VMWare)
        November 2008        (IBM Power Systems update)
        January 2009        (Roundtable - IT and the economy)
        February 2009       ("State of the MUG" and 10 topics in 10 minutes) 
        March 2009        (The Top[ 10 OS/400 Security Risks)
        April 2009        (NetApp network storage systems)
        May 2009        (Network Security)
        August 2009    (Novell's Platespin Forge)
        October 2009  (
Bracing Yourself for Today's Security Challenges)
        November 2009  (Mobile Technology and Trends)
        January 2010  (SPHiNX for Power Systems - a dedicated virtual tape appliance)
        February 2010  (IBM Education and Certifications)
        March 2010     (IBM POWER7 Announcements)
        April 2010        (IT Education at IUSB)
        May 2010        (The latest in document imaging, management and workflow)
        September 2010   (IBM POWER7 update & announcements)
        October 2010    (Planning for the Unplanned Disaster)
        November 2010  (IBM Systems Director)
        February 2011  (IBM Deep Q/A Project)
        March 2011  (IBM i Application Development Update)
        July 2011  ("Working doesn't have to be a pain" - Office Ergonomics)
        August 2011   (IBM Websphere Cast Iron)
        September 2011   (.NET on IBM i)
        October 2011   (IBM i V7.1 Overview)
        January 2012   (IBM i Virtualization)
        February 2012   (External Storage and VIOS with IBM i
        April 2012        (IBM New Product Announcement)
        May 2012        (IBM Maintenance and Support Services)
        October 2012   (IBM PureSystems Tour)
        January 2013  (IBM System i Navigator - Beyond the Basics)
        February 2013  (What's new on Wireless Infrastructure)
        March 2013  
  (IBM i OS Version 7 – What is it going to cost me to not leave V5R4?)
        April 2013       (Big Data and Analytics)
        May 2013    (Cloud Computing)
        June 2013    (High Availability and Disaster recovery)
        July 2013    (IBM Big Fix - Tivoli Endpoint Manager)
        September 2013    (IBM Storage)
        October 2013   (IBM ProtecTIER)
        November 2013 (Rational developer for IBM i)
        January 2014 (Newest Data Collection Devices and WorkLight)
        February 2014  (
Data Encryption and IBM i)
        March 2014  (IBM QRadar)
        April 2014  
(SQL & DB2)
        May 2014  (Internal vs. Extgernal Storage on IBM i)
        July 2014   (MAZAVA for IBM i)
        August 2014   (
Thin client/cloud computing software and hardware solutions)
        September 2014   (Social Media)
        October 2014   (RPG with Excel)
        November 2014   (PHP with IBM i & RPG integration examples)
January 2015   (Networking)
        February  17 2015   (Entgerprise Mobile Computing)
        February 26  2015   (Native Mobile App Builder for System i)
        April 16  2015   (IBM i Backup)
        April 21  2015   (QRadar)
         May 21  2015   (IBM Power Systems Announcement)
        July  16 2015   (Workplace ergonomics)
        September 19 2015   (IBM Query/400 Replacement Alternatives)
        November 19  2015   (Software Defined Storage)
        February 18, 2016   (Optimizing SQL Performance in DB2 for IBM i)
        March 17, 2016   (Easily deploy Business Analytics - BA/BI)
        April 21, 2016   (Cloud and Cognitive Now)

        May 19, 2016   (Mobile Application Development 101)

        July 21, 2016   (IBM Integrated Multivendor Support)

        August 18, 2016   (A presentation on Conn-Selmer’s IT Systems)
        September 15, 2016   (Duo Security)
        October 20, 2016   (How Business Intelligence is Changing the Manufacturing Industry)
        November 17, 2016   (Modernizing Your IBM Document Design and Distribution)
        February 23, 2017   (Linux on Power)
        March 16, 2017   (Trends in Enterprise Mobility

        April 20, 2017   (Managed services for IBM i)
        May 18, 2017   (Integration of Disparate Systems)
        July 20, 2017   (CSi for IBM i)

        August 17, 2017   (IBM i Access Client Solutions)
        September 21, 2017   (Benefits gained using PowerVC to manage your Power environment)
        October 19, 2017 
(Roundtable: Application Development Tools)
        November 16 2017  (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure)
        January 25, 2018  (IBM i Hidden Gems)
        February 15, 2018  (Power9 Update)
        April 19, 2018  (Security)

        May 17, 2018  (Failure to Modernize - Ther Real Cost)
        July 19, 2018  (IBM Cloud Private)
        August 16, 2018  (Nutanix)
        September 20, 2018  (Watson)
        October 25, 2018  (IBM Rational Developer for i  All Day Lab)
        November 15, 2018  (Mobility Trends and Modernization)
        February 21, 2019  (High Availability and Disaster Recovery Roundtable)
        April 25, 2019  (
Security Roundtable)
        May 23, 2019  (Applied Enterprise RFID)
        August 22, 2019  (IBM Rational Developer for i Roundtable)
        September 19, 2019  (IThe Cloud, Could i, Should i, Would i)
        November 21, 2019  (
IBM i in the Cloud & IBM Cloud Services for IBM i)
        February 29, 2020 
(Roundtable discussion -  What are your favorite utilities for IBM)
        March 26, 2020  (Security - Active Endpoint Detection and Response)
        October 26, 2020  (Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform)

Past MRMUG Meetings

January 2008 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday January 10, 2008
Bennigan's Grill & Tavern

General Business Meeting
General business meeting to review 2007 and discuss the financials, membership, topics, BOD positions, and the future direction of MRMUG.

pdf January 2008 Meeting Letter
pdf January 2008 MRMUG Presentation Material (1.15MB)

February 2008 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday February  14, 2008
Bennigan's Grill & Tavern

i5/OS V6R1 Announcement Update
Update on i5/OS V6R1 including new SAN attachment, disk clustering, BladeCenter support, and new packaging for Websphere Development Studio and Rational tools

pdf February 2008 Meeting Letter
pdf i5OS V6R1 Announcement Presentation Material (3.24MB)

March 2008 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday March 13, 2008
Bennigan's Grill & Tavern

Insight Without Boundaries
Presented by Matthew Rhea and Pam Sellers from IBM

In today's competitive marketplace, you need the ability to access, analyze and act on all types of information-structured and unstructured, operational and transactional, real time and historical to be successful.  

That's why IBM has brought together its unmatched technological capabilities and broad industry and business expertise in DB2 Warehouse to help you reach farther, look deeper and act faster-to stay ahead of your competitors.  

IBM can help you extract value from virtually any type of data, uncover gems of insight that can make your business run better-and deliver the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.  IBM calls it "insight without boundaries."

pdf March 2008 Meeting Letter

April 2008 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday 11, 2008
Bennigan's Grill & Tavern

Power Protection

Lynn Cox from Tripp Lite will discuss the latest in Power Protection and the benefits of UPS and smart power distribution.

"A network without power is no longer a network"

pdf April 2008 Meeting Letter

May 2008 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday May 9, 2008
Bennigan's Grill & Tavern

The May meeting of MRMUG was cancelled due to a speaker availability issue.

June 2008 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday June 12 2008
Bennigan's Grill & Tavern

This meeting is a round-table discussion:

The main topic is "Building spreadsheets from i5/OS database and spooled files".

Bring your questions and suggestions and share your experiences with the use of spreadsheets in today's business environment. Join the discussion about how to create spreadsheets from information on your i5/OS system.

pdf June 2008 Meeting Letter

September 2008 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday September 18, 2008
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

IBM Tape update

Nancy Roper, IBM Certified Consulting IT Specialist, will present an update on IBM i Extrnal Disk and tape.

PDF  September 2008 Meeting Letter
PDF  September 2008 Presentation Material

October 2008 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday October 9, 2008
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The October meeting topic is VMWare

Our speaker  will be Scott Archer.  He is a Senior System Engineer with VMWare.  This presentation is not going to be specific to System I, but instead, about virtualization throughout the data center, most specifically in the X86 space.  

Scott will talk about the benefits of a virtualized environment, considerations for why and what servers should be virtualized, etc.  He will also bring information on the local VMWare users group and when it meets.

This meeting is not specific to System i so be sure to bring anyone on your staff who may be interested in virtualization, especially in the X86 folks (read that Windows).

PDF  October 2008 Meeting Letter
PDF  October 2008 Presentation Material (6.9MB)

November 2008 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday November 20, 2008
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

IBM Power Systems update

Craig Nelson, Senior Solutions Architect with CIBER will discuss the evolution of the System i and System p to the Power System.

PDF  November 2008 Meeting Letter
PDF  November 2008 Presentation Material (1.3MB)

January 15, 2009 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday January 15, 2009
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the January meeting was a roundtable discussion.

"How has the economy affected the IT community?"
"What changes can/should we make to accommodate for it?"

PDF  January 2009 Meeting Letter

February 12, 2009 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday February 12, 2009
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

 “State of the Mug” - yearly report from the Board of Directors

·         Questions and discussion of IT related topics:

·         Question submitted by Todd Smith CTS – “Has anyone converted green screens – if so how. Did you justify doing it and was the desired result accomplished.”

and introducing a new concept: 

·         10 Topics in 10 minutes!

Tom Templin, Mark Flora, Craig Nelson from CIBER presented not one, not two, but ten (!) topics in ten minutes (or so): Virtual I/O Servers, V6R1 Virtual Client Partitions, How do I order PTFs, Tivoli CDP, IBM Director Version 6.1, Avocent KVM Switch, WiFi - WPA to WPA2, Windows 7, PC Hard Drive Crash Recovery, and Widows Server 2008

It may have taken a little more than 10 minutes, but we were successful in giving a good description of what these things are and what they do.  Enough to peak the audience's interest in them.  We will be revisiting some of these at coming meeting.

PDF  February 2009 Meeting Letter

March 9, 2009 MRMUG Meeting
Monday March 9, 2009
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the March meeting was The Top 10 OS/400 Security Risks:

Too many of the ‘accepted practices’ on the OS/400 expose our data to unnecessary risk. This popular session details the top ten system configuration and work management risks that OS/400 systems are exposed to and explains how to reign in the exposures. The session outlines specific “Bad” security practices, and provides real-world examples of how to fix them

Presented by:
John Earl - Founder and Director of Security Technology for PowerTech Group in Seatle Washington: an IBM iSeries Sercurty software company.

John Earl is the founder and Director of Security Technology for The PowerTech Group, a Seattle Washington area IBM i security software company.  He has published numerous security related articles and columns for industry magazines, has presented hundreds of iSeries security sessions at industry conferences and user groups all over the world, and is a three time winner of COMMON's Speaker Excellence award.  He is a former Board of Director for COMMON U.S., and currently serves as the Security Subject matter expert for COMMON.             
Mr. Earl has been working with IBM midrange systems since 1980, with particular focus being devoted to the areas of Security and System Management.  He is the chief architect for the PowerTech brand of security products, and is recognized around the world as a leading expert on IBM i security.

Mr Earl also provided an additional presentation "i5/OS Forensics 101" which can be downloaded below.

PDF  March 2009 Meeting Letter

PDF  Top 10 i5/OS Security Risks (2.8MB)

PDF  i5/OS Forensics 101 (1.2MB)

April 9, 2009 MRMUG Meeting
Monday April 9, 2009
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the April meeting was NetApp network storage systems (IBM N-Series)

The IBM N-Series, what it can do for IT shops, how it is different than traditional storage and how it can significantly improve back up, restore and DR processes.

Some of the specific areas of focus will be:

  • Increase Utilization of IT investments
  • Use less disk/power/space for data
  • Simplify management tools and training
  • Meet backup and restore challenges as data grows (RTO/RPO)

...and do this while saving costs

Presented by: Larry Dunkel from NetApp

Larry Dunkel has been driving sales and marketing of Information Technology, including hardware, software and services for over 20 years. 

He has held a variety of sales and sales leadership roles, successfully working with small, medium and large customers in the Midwest.  Some of the larger customers include GE, GM, Toyota, Eli Lilly, top ten Universities and many others. 

Larry's current responsibilities include territory development and product sales for NetApp, in the state of Indiana.

NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that accelerate business breakthroughs and deliver outstanding cost efficiency:

PDF  April 2009 Meeting Letter

May 14, 2009 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday May 14, 2009
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the May 14th meeting was Network Security

 The May 14th presentation was an overview of Network Security followed by best practices for compliance, network, applications, and security appliances.

 Presented by Mark Zook and Ross Filipek from Network Solutions

Mark joined Network Solutions, Inc. in 2006 as an Account Manager. He has 20 years of technology sales experience and 10 years in Production Management.

Ross began his technical career as a Network Administrator in 1999 while working for Verizon Avenue, and quickly advanced himself to designing and implementing LAN and WAN security solutions. Ross joined Network Solutions, Inc. in 2001.

PDF  May 2009 MRMUG meeting letter

August 18 2009 MRMUG Meeting
Tuesday August 18 2009
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the August 19th meeting was Novell's Platespin Forge

PlateSpin Forge revolutionizes the way disaster recovery solutions are deployed, tested and managed by offering an affordable and easy-to-use solution for protecting all workloads in the data center. With PlateSpin Forge, data centers can protect whole server workloads – both system and data volumes – within a single bootable recovery environment using virtualization. Providing consolidated workload protection and rapid recovery with no need for costly duplicate hardware and software, PlateSpin Forge is disaster recovery evolved.

PlateSpin Forge has solutions for Windows, Linux, and UNIX environments.

 Presented by Andrew Brode, Platespin Territory Account Manager

PDF  August 2009 MRMUG meeting letterLink to Novell's Platespin Forge 

October 8 2009 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday October 8 2009
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the October 8th meeting was Bracing Yourself for Today's Security Challenges  

Hackers and information thieves, both inside and outside of organizations, are accelerating their attacks on customer and enterprise data.  And the challenges are many, including the loss of control that can come through third party vendor relationships, the difficulty managing all the endpoints, data loss and the very difficult balancing act between costs, complexity and risks.  This lunch and learn session will examine today’s environment, including the value of a holistic, end to end security approach, some perspectives on best practices and an overview of IBM's security capabilities.

Presented by:
Phil McHugh
Americas Security Executive
IBM Internet Security Systems   

PDF  October 2009 MRMUG meeting letter

PDF  October Presentation Material (2.5MB)

November 12 2009 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday November 12 2009
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the November 12th meeting was Mobile Technology and Trends

Leading companies are applying mobile solutions to drive more timely and accurate information into their enterprise systems. These solutions can include a wide range of wireless networks, mobile computing devices, barcode label printing and scanning for data collection, and integration software that links the mobile data source to business systems

Presented by:
Mark Laatz
Ciber Technology Solutions Group

PDF  November 2009 MRMUG meeting letter

January 14, 2010 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday January 14, 2010
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the Thursday January 14th 2010 meeting was SPHiNX for Power Systems - a dedicated virtual tape appliance:

Virtual Tape for Power Systems:

Glenn Haley with Crossroads Systems will introduce and discuss the SPHiNX for Power Systems solution that was released in September 2009.  SPHiNX, a dedicated virtual tape appliance, delivers optimized data protection and resiliency for IBM Power Systems (AS/400, iSeries) environments.  Glenn will also talk more specifically on how the SPHiNX is designed to fit seamlessly into your AS/400 environment providing a very affordable virtual tape solution that optimizes media management, improves recovery time, and increases storage capacity while leveraging existing investments in disk and tape backup infrastructures.

Presented by:
Glenn Haley
Senior Production Manager
Crossroads Systems

PDF  January 2010 MRMUG meeting letter

February 11, 2010 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday February 11, 2010
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the Thursday February 11th 2010 meeting was IBM Education and Certifications:

Learn about what's available and where to get IBM education and certifications

Laura Calley, from IBM, will be discussing IBM education and certification for the IBM POWER systems.  Come to the meeting and learn about the education and certification that is available for the POWER systems and IBM i (what’s available and where to get it).  Laura will give us an overview and lead us through IBM’s education website.  Bring your questions regarding IBM education and certifications as this is going to be an interactive session.

Presented by:
Laura Calley
IBM WWW Program Manager - Power Certification

Laura Calley is responsible for the creation and maintenance of all Power Systems certifications – keeping them current, relevant and vibrant. Additionally, she manages worldwide testing (at places like the Tech Conference and COMMON). She has been with IBM for 11 years.  Prior to that she was an IBM customer managing a large AS/400 shop for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

PDF  February 11, 2010 Meeting Letter (126k)

March 11, 2010 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday March 11, 2010
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the Thursday March 11th 2010 meeting was IBM POWER7 Announcement:

Learn about what's the February 25 announcement

Stephanie Thomas and Craig Nelson will be discussing the February 25th IBM POWER7 announcement.

Find out about the latest IBM POWER7 technology and first of the NEW generation of Power Systems.

Learn about the new features available with POWER7 (and the limitations for bringing across older technology features).

Hear about the great POWER7 value proposition, and find out how green these new system are!

It isn't all about the power of these systems (although it's awesome)!  Come to the meeting and get the whole story!

PLUS, if you register online by NOON Wednesday March 10 you will be eligible to win the $10 cash door prize!  (To be eligible for the $10 cash door prize, you MUST pr-register for the meeting by NOON Wednesday, the day before the meeting.)

Presented by:
Stephanie Thomas
Power Systems Hardware Specialist
Craig Nelson
CIBER, Senior Solutions Architect

PDF  March 11, 2010 Meeting Letter (126k)

PDF  March 11, 2010 Presentation (2MB)


April 8, 2010 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday April 8, 2010
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the Thursday April 8th 2010 meeting was IT Education:

Learn about what local IT education is available

Tim Ryan is the Director of Business Outreach and has been with IU South Bend since November 2008.  He is a graduate of IU South Bend’s School of Business with a degree in accounting.

Tim has lived and worked in the South Bend area since graduation interacting with many businesses in the region.  His background includes over 13 years experience in career management/counseling and over 20 years experience in both accounting and operations positions in manufacturing environments. He is a CPA and has experience in manufacturing as General Operations Manager, Controller and as Chief Financial Officer.

Tim's responsibilities include strengthening existing business relationships with IU South Bend’s corporate training partners as well as developing new relationships with businesses in Michiana identifying and serving their training and professional development needs.  In addition to serving as a liaison to businesses, he also participates in community based organizations where he has developed long standing relationships in the Chambers of Commerce, school systems, healthcare and government agencies.

Presented by:
Tim Ryan
Director of Business Outreach
IU South Bend

PDF  April 8, 2010 Meeting Letter  

May 13, 2010 MRMUG Meeting - Breakfast Meeting
Thursday May 13, 2010
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the Thursday May 13th 2010 meeting was the latest in document imaging, management and workflow:

Learn about paperless technology and how it can increase your productivity:

Kent Sipe from API will discuss paperless technology and how electronic content management has evolved to help to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enable compliance by taking advantage of the latest technology.

Presented by:
Kent Sipe
Midwest Sales Manager
API, Inc

Kent Sipe is the the Midwest Regional Sales Manager for API, Inc.  Prior to coming to API, he spent more than 8 years as an Enterprise Content Management Specialist at IBM.  He has helped design solutions for document archiving, records management/compliance and better document processing for both public and private sector accounts. These accounts include organizations in the Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail industries.

Kent has also managed a division solely designed to provide hardware, software and services for document management needs for all type of industries.  His group provided consulting services around business processes, forms processing and document management for companies such as Procter & Gamble, State of Indiana, Ball State University, Conseco and some large Healthcare organizations. Kent has presented at many seminars and user group meetings on the Enterprise Content Management industry.

PDF  May 13, 2010 MRMUG Newsletter


September 9, 2010 MRMUG Meeting - Breakfast Meeting
Thursday September 9, 2010
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the Thursday September 9th 2010 meeting was IBM POWER7 Update and Announcements.

Craig Nelson will be discussing the August 18th IBM POWER7 announcement.

Come to the meeting and find out about the latest IBM POWER7 servers and revisit the complete POWER7 server lineup.

Learn about the new features available with POWER7, the upgrade paths, (and the limitations for bringing across older technology features.

On August 18th IBM completed the POWER7 systems lineup with the announcement of the high-end 795 and the Power Systems Express servers.  There are now more models than ever.  Let’s explore them and see which model fits your needs. 

Presented by:
Craig Nelson
CIBER, Senior Solutions Architect

Craig is the current President of Mr. Mug. He is a senior Solutions Architect with Ciber supporting IBM Power Systems.

PDF  September 9, 2010 MRMUG Newsletter

PDF  September 9, 2010 Presentation - IBM POWER7 Announcements (3.1MB)

October 14, 2010 MRMUG Meeting
Thursday September 9, 2010
CIBER Innovation and Technology Center

The topic for the Thursday October 14h 2010 meeting was Planning for the Unplanned Disaster

“Planning for the Unplanned Disaster”

Join Rob Sims, Crossroads President & CEO, as he identifies key disaster-planning requirements, pinpoints how to overcome potential issues, and proposes the benefits of cost-effective disaster recovery solutions.

Presented by:
Robert Sims 
President and Chief Executive Officer
Crossroads Systems

As an international data storage, management and protection leader with more than 22 years of in-depth engineering expertise, Mr. Sims joined Crossroads Systems' development and operations team in 1999.

His exceptional industry knowledge, ingenious foresight and mastery of data management technologies have led him to become one of the most sought-after industry experts on the topics of cloud computing, storage virtualization, disaster recovery, IT-based cost-containment and data availability.  His impressive hands-on experience in IT design, development and manufacturing, operational management, and engineering have led to several award-winning solutions, revolutionary strategies, and patents

The topic for the Thursday November 11th 2010 meeting was IBM Systems Director

IBM Systems Director provides systems management personnel with a single-point-of-control, helping reduce IT management complexity and cost. With IBM Systems Director IT personnel are able to optimize compute and network resources, quickly respond to business requirements with greater delivery flexibility, and attain higher levels of services management with streamlined management of - physical, virtual, storage and network resources.

Presented by:

Doug Herman from IBM

Doug has 28 years with IBM. He currently is a Power Systems Technical Sales Specialist working in southeast Michigan. Besides supporting Power Systems he is also the Region Designated Specialist for IBM System Director.

PDF  November 11, 2010 MRMUG Newsletter

PDF  November 11, 2010 Presentation - IBM Systems Director (2.5MB)

The topic for the Thursday February 17th 2011 meeting was IBM Deep Q/A Project

We looked at IBM’s progress with DeepQA through the development of Watson, a system that’s optimized for natural language processing, machine learning, reasoning, and deep analytics running on POWER7 hardware.

This session included excerpts from  the IBM Jeopardy challenge that pits Watson against former Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.  

The topic for the Thursday March 10th 2011 meeting was IBM i Application Development Update

This was an update of the IBM i application development software.  We covered the latest changes in application development software packaging for IBM i.

IBM’s re-branding the IBM i application development software (including WebSphere Development Studio) to Rational products can be confusing.  We explained the new packaging to help you determine which products you should choose top support your direction in software development. 

re you using WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSC)?

Are you developing applications using Java, Portal, SAO, or Web 2.0?

Looking at EGL for high-level business application development? 

Are you confused about what Rational software is and what's happening with IBMs IBM i  application development software.  This presentation helped to take the mystery out of it.


PDF  March 2011 MRMUG meeting announcement

PDF  March 2011 MRMUG Presentation - IBM i Application Development Update (1MB)

The topic for the Thursday July 14 2011 meeting was "Working doesn't have to be a pain"

Our speaker was Ann Lesar, R.N. and President of South Bend Ergonomics, LLC
This presentation introduced the audience to pro-active ergonomics, ergo-friendly vs. un-friendly positions, exercises, and application at the workplace.

The field of ergonomics explores ways to understand and improve human capabilities in their interaction with machines and their environment.  We design work systems to ensure safety and health using ergo-friendly positions and equipment to enhance productivity and work performance.

The topic for the Tuesday August 16 2011 meeting was IBM Websphere Cast Iron

IBM WebSphere Cast Iron is a highly versatile product that can function as an on-premise physical or virtual appliance, or as a full cloud service  It does not require programming, but provides an interactive development environment (IDE) that enables a developer to perform data mappings between a wide variety of application endpoints. 

- It can perform data migrations and as an integration platform
- It can provide and consume services.
- It can get and store information in disparate databases
- It can execute transactions in an ERP system.

If you imagine Cast Iron as a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.

Presented by:

Parke Cummins from CIBER, Inc.

Parke Cummins has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years.  He joined IBM in 1983, working in the roles of developer for the IBM System i and as a Systems Engineer.  Since he began working with CIBER in 1997, he has focused on IT infrastructure in support of ERP implementations for nearly 100 customers.  He is currently a manager in CIBER’s technology solutions group. 

PDF  August 2011 MRMUG meeting announcement

The topic for the Thursday, September 8, 2011 meeting was .NET and IBM i

More and more, Windows and web-based applications are becoming (or have become) the desktop interface of choice.


But how does a company change their green-screen ways and begin developing rich, robust and user-friendly GUI screens? What kind of investment is necessary to begin the transition to more "modern" interfaces?

Surprisingly, the answer is lower than you might expect and the benefits to both your users and your developers will be quick and noticeable.


This presentation will show you how you can use .NET to create cost-effective, web-based applications in your own IBM i environment.

Presented by:

Doug Artis, Silver Edge Consultin

The topic for the Thursday, October 13, 2011 meeting was IBM i V7.1 Update

John Bizon, Technical Sales Specialist with IBM will present the IBM i 7,1 Announcement Highlights, including DB2, PowerHA SystemMirror for i, Virtualization enhancements, Open access for RPG, System Management, Performance improvements and more!

Join us and find out about the IBM i OS enhancements in IBM i OS Version 7.1 and what they can do for you!

   October 2011 Presentation - IBM i 7.1 Overview

The topic for the Thursday, January 19, 2012 meeting was Virtualization on IBM i

Craig Nelson will present "Virtualization for IBM i"

- Do you think virtualization on IBM i is only for large shops with large systems?
- Do you think  virtualization on IBM i is costly and always requires an HMC device?
- Do you think virtualization on IBM i always requires additional hardware to implement?

You may be surprised to find out that virtualization on IBM i can be implemented on the smallest Power systems and may not even require a Hardware Management Console device or the addition of any additional hardware to your existing system!

This session will describe and demonstrate the different methods of IBM i virtualization including hardware based virtualization, the functionality of Virtual I/O Server in providing superb versatility and cost savings, and the new functionality available with V7R1 for IBM i hosted virtualization.

If you want to know more about what's new with IBM i hosted logical partitions (no additional hardware I/O required) or what the Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) is about, come to this meeting!

This presentation is a great preliminary session for our next meeting in February where we will demonstrate running IBM i on all external disk using the Virtual I/O Server and how we can save an entire system with just a few minutes of downtime for the users, or move our system to other hardware and logical partitions!

The topic for the Thursday, February 16, 2012 meeting was External Storage, VIOS and IBM i

Craig Nelson will present "Using external disk with IBM i and the Virtual IO Server"

Let's demonstrate how external disk works with IBM i and some of the versatility it provides.

We will show you what the Virtual IO Server (VIOS) is, what it looks like, and what it's used for in an IBM i environment.

You'll get an inside look at how external disk is configured and attached to an IBM i server using the VIO Server, and what this storage looks like to the IBM i server.
We will demonstrate flashcopy on external disk and some of the things you can do using flashcopy, like implementing backups of the flashcopy with very little production downtime, or moving your system to another hosting system.

External storage isn't just for the big systems anymore, it may be an economical solution for even the smallest power system!

The topic for the Wednesday, April 11, 2012 meeting was IBM New Product Announcement

Expert integrated systems combine the flexibility of a general purpose system and the simplicity of an appliance with integrated expertise throughout to fundamentally change the economics of IT. This solution is an integration of Servers (supporting multiple Operating Systems), Storage and Networking and is tied together with a Management System all in one single sourced and supported solution.

IBM has announcement events for this new product in 60 cities in the US, the closest being in Indianapolis and  Chicago.  MRMUG will provide this same announcement with the same presenters as the IBM sponsored events right here in Mishawaka!

The topic for the Thursday, May 10, 2012 meeting was IBM Maintenance and Support Services

John Trommater with IBM Technical Support Services joined us for a discussion about IBM Maintenance and Support Services.


John discussed IBM service offerings including hardware and software maintenance, new offerings and how they can be tailored to meet your company’s needs. 


IBM's service offerings are modular and scalable allowing customers to customize the service they require today and in the future. Supporting business critical, high availability system requirements, customers can enhance and upgrade Base offerings, such as Hardware and Software Maintenance or Support Line through additional service offerings such as Enhanced Technical Support, Warranty/ Maintenance Service Upgrade and Committed Services.


The topic for the Thursday, October 18, 2012 meeting was IBM PureFlex Tour

This was a half day event:

A unique opportunity for you to see the new IBM PureSystems up close running in the Ciber Mishawaka Business Partner Innovation Center and learn how your organization can take advantage of the latest breakthrough in this new era of computing - IBM PureSystems.   


·      IBM PureSystems Overview

·      The IBM Flex System Difference: A Look Inside

·      Changing the Economics of IT: What this means for your data center

·      IT Roundtable discussion

The speaker was Britni Coble Worldwide Marketing Manager, IBM PureFlex System & BladeCenter IBM Systems & Technology Group.

On April 11th, IBM announced the world’s first family of expert integrated systems. IBM PureSystems will simplify your IT experience, up-end the economics of the data center,  and put the conventional wisdom of how it all works into an industrial shredder.

Learn about one of the first members of this family, IBM Flex Systems. This system is integrated by design with built-in expertise – enabling you to optimize performance, security, control and efficiency while still providing flexibility and open choice of applications.

See how the entire IT experience is simplified to help you get applications up and running in as little as four hours, taking months off of typical deployment times.

The topic for the Thursday, January 24, 2013 meeting was IBM System i Navigator - Beyond the Basics

Mark Flora with Ciber presented: IBM System i Navigator: Beyond the Basics

Sure System i Navigator (aka: Client Access) includes a 5250 emulator.  Sure it has a file transfer routine, but what about the rest of  it? 

Come and find out about:

·         Graphical database access

o    Guidance and examples for the novice

o    Shortcuts for the experienced

o    Run saved scripts

·         Database analysis tools

o    Find out when the database thinks you should build an index

·         System administration via the web

o    Manage the system from your phone!

o    5250 emulation in a web browser

The topic for the Friday, February 22, 2013 meeting was Wireless Infrastructure and data collection

Mark Laatz from Ciber,Inc. presented an update on wireless infrasctucture and data collection and how thay can integrate into your business

The topic for the Thursday, March 21, 2013 meeting was "IBM i OS Version 7 – What’s its value?  What do I get? What is it going to cost me to not leave V5R4?

Craig Nelson from Ciber  discussed the highlights of IBM i OS V7R1, why you should upgrade, and what it will cost you if you stay on V5R4.

  • New features
  • Changes in software development
  • Why you really need to upgrade to get onto the current hardware
  • Costs associated with staying on V5R4

 Let’s discuss why you already upgraded to V7R1 …or why you are still on V5R4!

  March 2013 MRMUG meeting notice
  March 2013 MRMUG presentation - V7R1   (8MB)

The topic for the Tuesday April 23, 2013 meeting was Big Data.

Dan Simchuk, one of IBM’s foremost technical leaders and the primary resource for channel enablement for IBM Big Data and Pure Data for Analytics, will bring to us the latest information about business intelligence, data warehousing, parallel processing technologies for managing data at rest and data in motion.  

Current industry trends will be discussed, as well as the IBM technologies that can be applied to the broad range of ‘big data’ challenges that are facing organizations that range in size from medium to large.

  April 2013 MRMUG meeting notice

The topic for the Thursday May 16 meeting was Cloud Computing

Find out why Cloud computing is relevant to you! 

Do you consider cloud to be all about IT infrastructure?  Think again.  Cloud applications and services enable business innovation and IT transformation.  Cloud enables innovation and transformation by lowering business and IT operating costs and improving business and IT processes by standardizing applications, infrastructure and service processes.

Cloud adoption and implementation can benefit businesses of different sizes and in different industries.  Large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and organizations in emerging markets can realize benefits by adopting cloud in a way that is guided with a comprehensive strategy and roadmap.  

CIOs everywhere recognize the potential that cloud computing brings, but often are not sure about how to get started.  This challenge is magnified by an economic environment that is putting increasing pressure on IT to deliver more business value at lower cost.

Presented by:

Wesley Kuch, an IBM Business Development Executive for Cloud Computing
will define the current focus on bringing cloud solutions to clients that solve business problems; reducing time to market, the creation of new services, lowering costs and automating complex IT tasks

  Download the May 2013 MRMUG newsletter
Download the Cloud presentation  (9MB)

The topic for the Wednesday, June 5, 2013 meeting was High Availability and Disaster Recovery

The meeting has held at
Realty Co-Location Center
1440 Ignition Drive South, Ignition Park

South Bend IN

A discussion about High Availability and Disaster Recovery was followed by a tour of south Bend’s newest Co-Location Center.

  Download the June 2013 MRMUG newsletter
  Download the HA/DR presentation

The topic for the Thursday July 18, 2013 meeting was IBM - Big Fix - Tivoli Endpoint Manager

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager—built on BigFix® technology--combines endpoint and security management into a single solution. It enables your team to see and easily manage physical and virtual endpoints—servers, desktops, laptops, and specialized equipment such as point-of-sale devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks.

  • One Server - reduce the number of servers you utilize today - 250,000 endpoints per server

  • One Console - IBM Endpoint Manager can address all your endpoint needs:

    • Patch management
    • Software inventory and compliance
    • Mobile device management - BYOD
    • Security - Core and Compliance
    • Power Management
  • One Agent - an intelligent agent that will provide real-time visibility

  • One database - reduce the number of databases

  • One FTE - reduce the number of people managing your endpoints

The topic for the Thursday September 19, 2013 meeting was IBM Storage 

There have been a lot of changes in storage in the last few years – and quite a bit just recently.  Don Younker with the IBM Storage Brand will be giving us an update on the IBM storage portfolio.

IBM disk storage systems provide storage efficiency solutions such as Real-time Compression, automated tiering, virtualization, and thin provisioning. These disk storage solutions increase the data storage landscape for organizations of all sizes to boost system performance and lower IT costs.

Come and find out what’s new and how it can help you improve performance and efficiency whether you are running Power Systems (with IBM i or AIX),  or Windows servers.

  • Flash Storage - new and exciting!!!
  • Storwize family
  • DS8000
  • San Volume Controller – think you have to get rid of your old storage?  Think again!
  • Real-time compression
  • Flash Copy
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Automated Tiering

 It’s all there & it’s all good!

  Download the September 2013 MRMUG newsletter
Download the September 2013 MRMUG presentation (2.8MB)

The topic for the Thursday October 24, 2013 meeting was IBM ProtecTIER


Norm Protsman, IBM ProtecTIER expert, presented the IBM ProtecTIER Virtual Tape System. 

This system works great with IBM i systems and emulates an LTO tape library.  Unsing the internal disk in the PortecTIER TS7620 (up to 35TB usable), or your own storage using ProtecTIER TS650G (up to 1 PB), along with up to 25 times more data reduction through deduplication, this device can handle high speed backups for companbies both large and small.

  Download the October 2013 MRMUG newsletter
Download the October 2013 MRMUG presentation (4.3MB)

The topic for the Thursday November 21, 2013 meeting Rational Developer for i

Rational developer for i and why you should be using it. 

Michael Virga, IBM Client Technical Professional, will help us discover what we need to know about Rational developer for i.

You will want to attend this meeting to learn why you need Rational Developer for i to take full advantage of some of the changes with V7R1 and the capabilities of Power7 systems.

Application Development Toolset (ADTS) was “stabilized” in IBM i OS V6R1.  This means that new functionality will not be made available in ADTS.  Instead, you should use Rational Developer tools for you application development environment.

Learn about the tools available for application development for the IBM i environment and the different licensing options.

The topic for the Thursday January 23, 2014 meeting was

The newest data collection devices and how Worklight can help you develop applications for mobile devices of all types. 

Mark Laatz will brought us up to date on the latest models of data collection devices.

Parke Cummins talked about Worklight, an IBM product that
enables you to develop an application and then deploy it to a variety of devices, transparently. 

For example, you develop a cycle counting application, and worklight will deploy it to an iPhone, a Kindle (Android), a Surface (Windows 8), and an internet browser.

Worklight manages the devices by deploying changes and serving as a facilitator for communication with back-end servers like databases and ERP systems.

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The topic for the Thursday February 28, 2014 meeting was

Topic - Data Encryption and IBM i

Yet another company had their customer’s credit card info hacked! 
(Don’t let this be you!)

You need to protect client data, company data, private personnel data.  Come hear what IBM i has to offer to help you protect your data!

Mark Flora will talk to us anout Data Encryption for IBM i and how it can help you protect your data.

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  Download the February 2014 MRMUG presentation

The topic for the Thursday March 20, 2014 meeting was

Topic - IBM QRadar

A Provocative New Approach to Integrated Security Intelligence – IBM Introduces QRadar Vulnerability Manager

Vulnerability management activities have long been a core requirement of every organization’s security practices, helping them fully understand the extent of their exposures and the overall security state of their networks.  Yet many security teams continue to struggle against the inherent operational limitations – and resulting manual processes – of the available solutions typically deployed as isolated silos. 

Scan results are presented apart from other depictions of the security infrastructure, limiting the effective context of these reports and complicating the development of a comprehensive and actionable security management plan. 

QRadar is not just another commodity vulnerability scanner. 

Our Speaker is Jim Minie from IBM

Jim has over 28 years extensive experience in a wide aspect of computer/network system and software technical engineering, including technical sales, design and implementation, 13+ years of information security, compliance, project and technical department/group and technical sales management.  He has been a systems engineer for Q1Labs/IBM for over 2.5 years.

  Download the March 2014 MRMUG newsletter

The topic for the Thursday April 17, 2014 meeting was

Topic - DB2 and SQL on IBM i

SQL is more than just open query files on the green screen. Today, SQL on the IBM i rivals that of any other popular database on the market. The question is: “Are you leveraging it to help your business or is it a wasted resource on your system?” At the April MRMUG meeting we will learn how and where SQL can be used, see examples of SQL functions, and find out what to do to optimize performance. 

Our speaker was Steve Wallace from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance.

Steve Wallace is an IBM certified DB2 database administrator that has been working with numerous database management systems since 1999.

  Download the April 2014 MRMUG newsletter

  Download the April 2014 Presentation - DB2 and SQL on IBM i

The topic for the Thursday May 15, 2014 meeting was

Topic - Internal vs. External Disk for IBM i

Get an update on the latest options for external disk on IBM Power Systems (including IBM i) and how they stack up against internal disk!

Power Systems running IBM i have always supported high-performance internal disk drives, but there are good reasons to explore external disk storage connected via fiber-channel adapters too. These reasons include additional availability functions like FlashCopy and enhanced PowerHA capabilities and sharing with other server architectures.

  Download the May 2014 MRMUG newsletter
  Download the May 2014 Presentation - Internal vs. External Disk for IBM i

The topic for the Thursday July 17, 2014 meeting was

Topic - MAXAVA for IBM i

This month’s topic centered on high availability and disaster recovery readiness for you IBM i system.  John Dominic from MAXAVA broought us up to date with this product and its role in your company's High Availability and Disaster Recovery plan.

Maxava offers High Availability software that uses the full native functionality of the IBM i operating system to provide High Availability and Disaster recovery readiness for an IBM i environment.

Maxava provides real-time replication, unlimited concurrent apply processes, constant data checking, and an easy to use GUI.

  Download the July 2014 MRMUG newsletter

The topic for the Thursday August 21, 2014 meeting was

Topic - Thin client/cloud computing software and hardware solutions

Edgar Merke with Computer Lab International will speak to us about thin client and cloud products and computing software. 

Thin clients ensure simple and secure access to applications running on Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, Citrix Application delivery Infrastructure, VMware desktop virtualization as well as multimedia, Java, and the internet.

Edgar Merke is a Sales Engineer at Computer Lab International (CLI) and assists the CLI Sales team in positioning and recommending CLI’s thin client technology.  He previously served as Regional Sales Manager for the CLI Western USA and Canada Sales Territory for nine years.  With over 25 years of experience in the Server Based Computing (SBC) field, Edgar brings a vast amount of experience to this Industry

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The topic for the Thursday September 18, 2014 meeting was

Topic - SOCIAL MEDIA - What's the big deal!

This meeting will focused on the history of the field, how the field got started, and the research that directed some of the technological advances. We also be talked about the state of the art, the problems that marketers face in social spaces (BIG problems too), what is actually possible and what is a gimmick, and what is the future. 

Our speaker was Tim Weinger, an assistant professor in the 
College of Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, with appointments in the Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science and Applications (iCeNSA) and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Tim joined the faculty in August 2013, after completing his Ph.D. in 
Computer Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  He works in "network science", with a particular focus on multimodal/heterogeneous information networks. His research lies at the intersection of machine learning and databases and information retrieval.  Tim’s principal research interest is in large-scale multi-modal (typed/heterogeneous) information networks, and more generally in data mining, databases, machine learning, statistics and network science. Due to the size of certain information networks and their corresponding databases, most of his work falls within big data paradigm, which requires an expanded use of new technology.

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The topic for the Thursday October 16 2014 meeting was

Topic - RPG with Excel

Rob Berendt from Group Dekko, Kendallville, IN. spoke on RPG with Excel. 

Rob is a Systems Analyst for Group Dekko. During his 25+ years there, he has been involved in several areas including programming, security, Domino, EDI, Mimix, and more.

He has installed and upgraded numerous systems throughout the years from 1.2 all the way to 7.1. Currently he administers multiple lpars of i spread across three Power 8 servers and maintains the Domino servers served on i.

He also provides other technical advice as needed.   He is on the board of STATUS as parliamentarian.  STATUS is the IBM User Group located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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The topic for the Thursday November 20 2014 meeting was

Topic - PHP withe IBM i, with RPG integration examples

Mike Pavlak, Zend Technologies, spoke on PHP with IBM i, with RPG integration examples.

Mike has been working with IBM midrange solutions since 1992 and IBM Mainframes before that.  After years of developing applications using RPG, CL and PHP; he managed IT development and IT for power protection manufacturer Tripp Lite.  Recently, Mike has joined Zend as a Solutions Consultant working with the i5 sales team and spreading the news about Zend solutions in the IBM midrange arena.  

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  Download the November 2014 presentation RPG examples

The topic for the Thursday January 15, 2015 meeting was

Topic - Networking

Mark Flora talked to us about Networking; differentiation between switches, hubs, and routers, etc. their functions, how they work together, and the latest features.

Bring your networking experiences and solutions as this is an interactive session.

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The topic for the Tuesday February 17, 2015 meeting was

Topic - Enterprise Mobile Computing

Chris Tordi talked about how Enterprise Mobile Computing has grown in 2014 and will continue in 2015.  He discussed key trends surrounding the expansion of mobility in the industry.  Topics covered included advances in enterprise mobile computing hardware, differentiation between enterprise and consumer hardware, trends in enterprise software, BYOD, and device management. 

The topic for the Thursday February 26, 2015 meeting was

Topic - Native Mobile App Builder for System i

Tom Cremieux and Grant Smith from Lansa demonstrated Native App Builder for System i:

- Create native apps using only RPG, COBOL, or CL
- Utilize mobile device features like GPS, camera, or a scanner to capture data.
- Create apps that can be used either online or offline. 
- Build apps in days, not weeks and deploy them to both Apple and Android devices.

The topic for the Thursday April 16, 2015 meeting was

Topic - IBM i Backup

We discussed the current backup options and strategies for IBM i and what hardwre is currently available. 

We also discussed IBM's Capaity Backup system.

Download the April 2015 MRMUG newsletter

Download the April 16 2015 presentation IBM i Backup

The topic for the Tuesday April 21, 2015 meeting was

Topic - QRadar

QRadar is the Garter-leading Security Intelligence and Event Management (SIEM) system.

Parke Cummins presented QRadar and discussed the current security threat landscape, the tools that are applicable to specific kinds of attacks, and suggest approaches for managing information security that are practical, realistic, and cost-effective.

Download the April 2015 MRMUG newsletter

Download the April 21 2015 presentation QRadar

for the Tuesday May 19, 2015 meeting was

Topic – Software Defined Storage

An introduction to the concept of, and solutions surrounding Software Defined Storage.

New era cloud environments and applications such as analytics, mobile and social are driving huge growth in data volumes, making data the new natural resource. But cost-effectively optimizing your current storage environments while at the same time exploiting new opportunities is straining storage budgets.

Enter - Software Defined Storage.  SDS has the potential to bring value to end-users but the term itself represents not one solution but many different approaches. SDS manages data, provides quick access, utilizes virtualization and scales to cloud and on-premise infrastructure. It can reduce the cost and complexity of flexibly delivering agile, reliable and intelligent storage services to the business.

Download the May 2015 MRMUG newsletter

Download the May 19 2015 presentation Software Defined Storage

The topic for the Thursday May 21, 2015 meeting was

Topic – IBM Power Systems Announcements
An update on Power Systems (Power8) and recent announcements.

Even Hollander from IBM presemted the latest IBM Power System announcements.

Download the May 2015 MRMUG newsletter

The topic for the Thursday July 16, 2015 meeting was

Topic Workplace ergonomics

Please join us for our July meeting to learn how you can be setting up your work place or even your own cube to keep you at your peak.  Work doesn’t have to be a pain…  maybe it’s just your chair.

Catherine M. Fedder, ATC, LAT, CEAS, who is part of the Community Occupational Medicine group (COM) will be speaking to us on work place ergonomics. 

Cathy has been a Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer since 1987.  Worked high school and college settings until 2008. 

She has been involved in Workman's Compensation/Occupational Clinical setting since 2008 and has been a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist for 5 years.  She also has 7 years of experience with workman's comp rehabilitation.

Cathy's hometown is South Bend Indiana.  She has her undergraduate Degree (BS) from Western Michigan University in '85 (Health Education and Athletic Training) and her Graduate Degree (MA) from Ball State University in '90 (Biomechanical Analysis/Kinesiology).

The topic for the Thursday September 19, 2015 meeting was

Topic IBM Query/400 Replacement Alternatives

IBM Query/400 arrived with the AS/400 in 1988 and has remained essentially unchanged ever since. With the launch of IBM i V5R4, IBM began offering DB2 Web Query as their Query/400 replacement, but many IBM i customers still run Query/400 queries every day. During this presentation you'll learn about DB2 Web Query licensing and potential third-party and open source alternatives. At the end, there will be a brief demonstration of Qport Office, a free Windows application that enables Query/400 users to output data directly to Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access.

The topic for the Thursday November 19, 2015 meeting was

Topic – Software Defined Storage

An introduction to the concept of, and solutions surrounding Software Defined Storage.

New era cloud environments and applications such as analytics, mobile and social are driving huge growth in data volumes, making data the new natural resource. But cost-effectively optimizing your current storage environments while at the same time exploiting new opportunities is straining storage budgets.

Enter - Software Defined Storage.  SDS has the potential to bring value to end-users but the term itself represents not one solution but many different approaches. SDS manages data, provides quick access, utilizes virtualization and scales to cloud and on-premise infrastructure. It can reduce the cost and complexity of flexibly delivering agile, reliable and intelligent storage services to the business.

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The topic for the Thursday February 18, 2016 meeting was

Topic – Optimizing SQL Performance on DB2 for IBM i

How to improve your SQL query performance on DB2 for i – learn about the SQL Query Engine (SQE) and how to optimize the SQL statement itself, index creation strategy including indices over calculated fields, and advanced topics like Encoded Vector Indices (EVI) and Materialized Query Tables (MQT). 

Learn about optimizing tables for in-memory access and Solid State Drives (SSD) plus learn about other SQL features that you may not even know about - XMLTABLE, FULL OUTER JOIN, FIRST n ROWS, DECFLOAT, column masks, TIMESTAMP precision, and the OLAP functions ROW_NUMBER and RANK. 

Download February 2016 Newsletter

Download February 2016 Presentation: Optimize SQL Performance

The topic for the Thursday March 17, 2016 meeting was

Topic Easily deploy Business Analytics (BA/BI) on your “400”, SQL Server, Oracle & other environments

Gain insight to increase staff efficiency, new market opportunities and gain a competitive edge using the voluminous data created each day in your business.

Who wouldn’t want to do this, but where to start?  What is involved? How difficult and how much?

Not every business has or wants to hire a dedicated Analytics team.  IBM i users have an excellent option with DB2 Web Query.  Windows and Linux users have the majority of options.

We will review a few of these options which includes a demo of a product showing ease of installation, configuration and use for IBM i, Windows, Linux and Unix environments.

Speaker – Brett Murphy

Brett Murphy is an Executive Architect with Ciber, Inc.  He is an IBM Champion and sepcializes in IBM Power Systems.

Download March 2016 Newsletter

The topic for the Thursday April 21, 2016 meeting was

Topic - Cloud and Cognitive Now

IBM is a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company, and everything we do is now focused on that. In this session, we will dive deep in what is Cognitive and what is IBM doing today with its customers via Watson and Cloud.

Speaker – Pallavi Mahajan

Pallavi has over 12 years experience with IBM; she has led high visibility projects in different roles including as Development Lead, Project Manager and Development Manager. She has led development organizations on significant projects including in Information Management, Enterprise Content Management, Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure

Download April 2016 Newsletter

The topic for the Thursday May 19, 2016 meeting was

Topic - Mobile application development 101

We will review the mobile development tools and management suite of products, how they originated as open source and how they are packaged today.

We will show you how to get started, from downloading the components to running your first ‘hello world’ application, to simulating a mobile device. 

The goal is for anyone who sits in this meeting to come away with the knowledge and confidence to begin to develop a mobile app.

Speaker – Parke Cummins

Park Cummins has worked in the IT industry for over thirty years. He has been with Ciber since 1997 focusing on IT infrastructure in support of ERP, security, cloud, and mobile application development.

Download May 2016 Newsletter

Download May 2016 Presentation

The topic for the Thursday July 21, 2016 meeting was
Topic - IBM Integrated Multivendor Support

IBM Integrated Multivendor Support offers simplified maintenance for non-IBM hardware.

IBM® Managed Support Services - multivendor technical support services - integrated multivendor support (IMS™) provides hardware maintenance for non-IBM storage, server, and networking hardware. IMS extends the product life of non-IBM hardware by delivering level 1 support, level 2 support, and parts for non-IBM hardware that is not covered by warranty.

Learn how Integrated Multivendor support from IBM offers a smarter way to manage the support costs of your non-IBM server, storage, and networking equipment.

John Trommater -
IBM Services Representative

Download July 2016 Newsletter

The topic for the Thursday August 18, 2016 meeting was
Topic - A presentation on Conn-Selmer’s IT Systems

Conn-Selmer has recently migrated to all SSD drives on a Power8. They have also installed a redundant network backbone switching system using 10Gb switches. An overview of the Conn-Selmer network and virtual tour of the equipment will be included.

Speaker – Joe Shore

Joe Shore is Manager of Networks and Infrastructure for Conn-Selmer.

Joe started his career in IT on the IBM System/3 Model 12 in 1978 as a programmer/analyst. He’s worked thru the System/38 and all variations of the AS/400. Joe has taught RPG programming and general MIS courses at the University of Wisconsin as well as being guest lecturer at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha, WI.

Download the August 2016 Newsletter

The topic for the Thursday September 15, 2016 meeting was
Topic - Duo Security

Duo Security is a two-step verification service the provides additional security for access to institutional and personal data.

This session will be a presentatin and demonstration of Duo security.

Duo was founded with the belief that security can only be effective if it is easy to use. Through that vision, Duo has built a world-class security platform that is actually enjoyable to use. Duo supports thousands of customers and millions of users in organizations like Accenture, Boston Medical, Emblem Health, Facebook, NASA, Toyota, Twitter, Virginia Tech, Yelp and others, and enjoys the highest NPS score in the industry.

Duo is the fastest growing SaaS security company, tripling year over-year for three years in a row. We do this by creating a company that focuses on customer satisfaction and employee innovation.

Speaker – Cedric Simpkins

Cedric is an Account Executive at Duo Security with the responsibility for driving growth and relationships in the Midwest region of our nation. Prior to joining Duo Security, he worked in strategic sales roles with several companies spanning over Technology, Real Estate and the Automotive Industries. 

Download the September 2016 Newsletter

The topic for the Thursday October 20, 2016 meeting was
Topic - How Business Intelligence is Changing the Manufacturing Industry

Data is changing not only the way manufacturing companies get their business intelligence delivered to them, it's also changing how they get that intel and what kinds of BI they can get their hands on.  We'll learn about some of the ways that data is revolutionizing how manufactures are getting their BI.

Speaker – Troy Swartzendruber

Troy is a Business Development Manager with Aptera Software based in Fort Wayne, IN and Nashville, TN.  He brings 20+ years of technology consulting and sales experience from companies such as Accenture, Eli Lilly, and RSM McGladrey to help high-end or up-and-coming companies identify their pain points, frustrations, and needs.  The result is guiding clients to increased efficiency and better insight with various business solutions.

The topic for the Thursday November 17, 2016 meeting was

Topic - How Business Intelligence is Changing the Manufacturing Industry

Updating the look and feel of plain-text spool file printouts is one of the most common modernization challenges that IBM i shops face. Today's end users demand modern-looking, graphical documents in electronic formats like PDF.

Join Jon Jeuck, Quadrant Software's Product Marketing Manager, for a virtual presentation on November 17th at MRMUG. He'll review some of the best practices and things to look for when reviewing IBM i document design and distribution solutions, including the ability to:

• Modernize your critical IBM i generated forms, checks and labels
• Create graphical overlays from a desktop WYSIWYG editor
• Automatically archive and email documents as PDF
• Instantly modernize ERP documents with pre-mapped templates
• Capture and merge signatures
• Access documents in a secure web-based portal

Speaker Jon Jeuck

Jon has spent over 5 years at Quadrant Software (a division of Fresche) guiding the development of IBM i spool file design and distribution solutions and promoting their use. With 11 years in tech and software, Jon has seen countless organizations maximize the value of their IBM i platform - while improving customer service - by modernizing their IBM i document output processes.

Download the November 2016 Newsletter
Download the November 2016 Presentation

The topic for the Thursday February 23, 2017 meeting was

Topic - Linux on Power

Brett Murphy from Ciber presented on Linux on Power.  Learn about the advantages of running Linux on IBM Power systems! We may also got a peak at what Power9 will bring…

Speaker Brett Murphy

Brett Murphy is an Executive Architect with Ciber, Inc.  He is an IBM Champion and specializes in IBM Power Systems.

Download the February 2017 Presentation

The topic for the Thursday March 16, 2017 meeting was

Topic - Trends in Enterprise Mobility

If your company is using scanners or other mobility products then you don’t want to miss this meeting.

Mark Laatz from Ciber will be discussing the changes and new trends in Enterprise Mobility and demonstrating new technology in barcode scanning and mobile computing.

The focus will be on the current shift from Windows to Android OS and why this is happening.  There will also be demonstrations of the new scanning technology and hardware form factors.

Mark will also discuss the latest in interface modernization and device management in the enterprise.

Speaker - Mark Laatz, Ciber, Inc
                    Business Development Manager
                    Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The topic for the Thursday April 20, 2017 meeting was

Topic - Managed Services for IBM i

Have you ever been curious about using managed services for you IBM I system?  Managed services can include anything from on-site or remote resources managing your equipment, to a complete cloud based solution.

Join us for a discussion around this topic and learn about the current offerings, technologies, and business models available to make your IT management more efficient.

A representative from APSU [or ASPU’s presenter’s name, & brief bio] will walk us through a discussion around this topic and learn about the current offerings, technologies, and business models available to make your IT management more efficient.

APSU has more than 25 years of experience in providing managed services.

The topic for the Thursday May 18, 2017 meeting was

Topic - Intergation of Disparate Systems

How do you make a business process work by connecting two or more systems together?  What are the available tools and what is the state of the art around connectivity between different systems that were never designed to work with other systems to begin with?

Would you believe that you can accomplish complex projects in very little time without programming?  At low cost, even?  Come to MRMUG this month and find out the answers to these questions and more.

Speaker - Parke Cummins, Ciber, Inc.
                   Manager, Technology Solutions

The topic for the Thursday July 20, 2017 meeting was

Topic - Quick CSi for IBMi

At the July MRMUG meeting, BCS Group presented Quick-CSi.

Your IBM System i  is reachable by the IT team, providers (manufacturers, editors, consultant) and your users. Even though your IBM i System provides securities for access and procedures, you're not protected against such things as usage mistakes, embezzlement, etc (voluntary or not) on confidential data.

Quick-CSi allows you to track all the operations made on your system, alert you and take all the necessary measures.

Quick-CSi also provides a full audit and security suite: access control and detailed follow-up of all the events through one single interface.

With Quick CSi, get:

  • Fast implementation
  • Simple and clear homogeneous interface
  • High level of automatization
  • Alerts management
  • Valuable reports for auditing

Speaker - BCS Group.

The topic for the Thursday August 17, 2017 meeting was

Topic – IBM i Access Client Solutions

Like everything else, nothing lasts forever and another one bites the dust… If you use IBM i Access for Windows (Client Access) please pay attention as this will probably affect you and your IBM i users.

IBM does not plan to support IBM i Access for Windows beyond Windows 8.1 and has not refreshed it beyond IBM i OS V7R1.  Its replacement is called IBM i Access Client Solutions which provides a Java based, platform-independent interface. 

As with most things that change, this may be confusing, but don’t worry, the new IBM i Access Client Solutions still has the features in the “old model” and adds the flexibility of running on most operating systems that support Java, including Linux, Mac, and Windows™.

Sign up for the August 17 MRMUG meeting where Mark Flora will be showing you the differences and similarities of IBM i Access Client Solutions with a live demo and some discussion on this topic.


Mark Flora is a Principal Consultant with Ciber Global LLC Technology Solutions Group with 40 over years of experience in IT solutions and cunsulting.

The topic for the Thursday September 21, 2017 meeting was

Topic Benefits gained using PowerVC to manage your Power environment

Manage your Power servers with VMware’s vCenter.  Simplify daily tasks and maintenance activities.  Do it using a product that isn’t Systems Director (wait for applause to end) knowing that IBM has embraced open standards by using OpenStack.  Fit for purpose cloud and virtualization management.  The OpenStack optimized product for Power is called PowerVC.

Brett Murphy
, Executive Architect with Ciber and IBM Champion will be presenting this topic. There are a limited number of IBM Champions out there and Brett brings a wealth of knowledge and in-site so don’t miss this opportunity to talk with him! 

Downlaod the September MRMUG presentation

The topic for the Thursday October 19, 2017 meeting was

Roundtable: Application Development Tools

This month, MRMUG hosted a roundtable discussion October to discuss options to replace Applications Development Toolset, focusing on IBM Rational Development Tools for IBM i.  Several MRMUG members who are currently using Rational Developer for i led the discussion with their experiences and answer your questions.

The topic for the Thursday November 16, 2017 meeting was

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

HyperConverged -  What is it?  How did we get here and where is it going?

This month, Kevin Vierstra from Ciber will discuss convergence and hyper-convergence.  Come to the November MRMUG meeting for our traditional Thanksgiving fare and find out what it is, how we get there, and where it’s going!  (If you are an IBM i shop, you probably know more than you think you know about convergence…)

Kevin Viersta has been a customer, a Pre-Sales Engineer for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, IT Distributers and Resellers.  He spent 16 Years with HPE and has a total of 32 years in the IT industry.  Kevin has been certified in operating systems, Converged Systems, Storage and Networking.  He is currently focused on Servers Storage and Networking technologies.

The topic for the Thursday January 25, 2018 meeting was

IBM i Hidden Gems

This will be a multi-topic presentation discussing some of the “hidden gems” in IBM i.  These are some of the “free” things that you can take advantage of with IBM i that you may or may not be using.  You may be surprised, or you may be using some “hidden gems” that you can share.

Mark Flora and Parke Cummins will lead the discussion and share some examples and maybe a demo or two, but everyone is invited to share some of those gems that have a small (or large) part in your IBM i environment.

Download the January 2018 Presentation

The topic for the Thursday February 15, 2018 meeting was

IBM Power9 Update

Craig Nelson provided an update of the February 2018 IBM Power9 announcements.

Download the February 2018 Presentation

The topic for the Thursday April 19, 2018 meeting was


Randy Jones from Arrow Electronics is a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) and specializes in many areas of IT security including IBM security offerings.

Download the April 2018 Presentation

The topic for the Thursday May 17, 2018 meeting was

Topic – Failure to Modernize – the Real Cost

Jim Buck from imPower Technologies will be discussing some of the challenges relating to Modernization and why modernization is important to your company.  Jim has over 35 years of IT experience and is active in the IBM i community working to help companies train their employees in the latest IBM technologies and helps companies develop the next generation of IBM i professionals. 

The shortage of young IBM i Professionals will be a significant challenge to you and your company. Learn what your company needs to do assure access to the next generation of IBM i Professionals. Jim will discuss what will attract young IT professionals to your company and how your company can be assured
that there are young people trained in the technologies needed for the future of your company. This shortage will affect careers and bottom lines companies.

Jim is the president and founder of imPower Technologies where he provides professional IBM I training and consulting services (

Download the May 2018 Presentation

The topic for the Thursday July 19, 2018 meeting was

Topic: IBM Cloud Private

Cattle vs Pets and Containers vs VMs

Containers, containerization, container orchestration. Hopefully, you’ll hardly be able to contain yourselves after hearing about this technology that has gained a lot of traction in the computer industry.  You’ll learn what is a container, how containers can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.  Containers are very efficient, performant, cost effective, transportable.  Containers can be orchestrated to deploy things faster than ever before.  You’ll learn how pets and cattle are very different in the new way of thinking about microservices.

The topic for the Thursday August 16, 2018 meeting was

Topic: Nutanix

Brett Murphy will be presenting an overview of Nutanix.  Come an find out what the buzz is all about.

Nutanix can simplify IT management  of datacenter and applications and helps eliminate the need for specialized IT teams.  It utilizes an advanced machine learning technology that can reduce complex tasks to a single click.

Nutanix has a full cloud stack than can integrate all compute, storage, and virtualization resources to run nearly any application.

Brett is an Executive Architect with Ciber, Inc.  He is an IBM Champion and specializes in IBM Power Systems.

The topic for the Thursday September 20, 2018 meeting was

Topic – Watson

 Madison Gooch  - Global Sales Leader: Watson Data Platform at IBM – is traveling from New York to talk to us about IBM Watson.  This will be an interesting and informative meeting!

What is Watson?

Powered by the latest innovations in machine learning, Watson lets you learn more with less data. You can integrate AI into your most important business processes, informed by IBM’s rich industry expertise. You can build models from scratch, or leverage our APIs and pre-trained business solutions. No matter how you use Watson, your data and insights belong to you − and only you.

Only Watson gives you complete control of what's important to you. With Watson on the IBM Cloud, you maintain ownership of your data, insights, training, and IP. Your business processes get smarter with Watson. From healthcare and education to finance, transportation, and energy, Watson is trained by leading experts in your field, so you can quickly embed into your existing workflows. Watson understands the language of your industry and taps into deep domain knowledge to help you make more informed decisions faster. Your data is valuable, no matter how much (or little) you have. Watson can ingest, enrich, and normalize a wide variety of data types without any additional integration, allowing you to make use of data from a broad range of sources with ease.

The topic for the Thursday October 25, 2018 meeting was

Topic – IBM Rational Developer for i All-Day Lab

Jim Buck and Michelle Lyons presented an all-day hands-on lab for IBM Rational Developer for i.

This combined lecture and lab will show the seasoned IBM i programmer or someone new to RPG will benefit by using new RPG programming techniques and have additional exposure to RDi’s Remote Systems Explorer (RSE) and Screen Designer. Even a person new to IBM i development can benefit because the source code is available to them which will help them use Rational Developer for i (RDi) and write “Free Form” ILE RPG. 

Jim is the president and founder of imPower Technologies where he provides professional IBM i online/onsite training (www.imPowerTechnologies.com)  . He is active in the IBM i community working to help companies train their employees in the latest IBM technologies and helps companies develop the next generation of IBM i professionals.

The topic for the Thursday November 15, 2018 meeting was

TOPIC: The Latest in Mobility Trends and Modernization

The November MRMUG meeting will present the latest information on enterprise mobility trends.

Mark Laatz from Ciber will talk about the current status of Android OS adaptation on rugged devices that interface with you Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Management system along with a preview of current devices and new features and functions.

Scott Skelton from Ivanti will show us the Ivanti (Wavelink) solution set which is used for interface migration, modernization, and even to add voice-capability to the user interfaces on your mobile devices attached to your IBM i system. 
This presentation will include a demonstration of the product capability including a high level overview of the design and configuration utility used to manage the interface for Android based mobile devices.

Ivanti’s host connectivity platforms accelerate mobile productivity while eliminating the costs to develop mobile clients for host-interface applications. Compatible with and recommended by all leading Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems, Ivanti makes it easy to access and update information on these systems through Telnet and browser-based clients available for Android and Windows Mobile/CE. Mobile enablement without modification to your enterprise systems accelerates deployment and minimizes the costs, risks, and effort involved in implementation.

Scott Skelton (Ivanti) has 25 years in mobile computing, distribution, managed warehouse, field service, retail, and voice customer relationships.

The topic for the Thursday February 21, 2019 meeting was

TOPIC: High availability and Disaster Recovery Roundtable

 At this roundtable we will discuss high availability and disaster recovery, the difference between them, and your implementation and plans to protect your company from both planned and unplanned system outages and local disasters.

Please join us and share your experiences.

Some discussion topics are

What is your definition of high availability, and disaster recovery?
Do you have a documented disaster recovery plan and if so how detailed is it?
·         Have you tested your plan?
Do you have a high availability process in place?
How far along are you with DR and HA?
Are you where you want to be?
What inhibitors are you facing in implementing the HA & DR plan that you want?

Download the February 2019 MRMUG presentation

The topic for the Thursday April 25, 2019 meeting was

Security Roundtable

 At this roundtable we discussed security concerns and methods to provide security for your users, infrastructure, netowrk, and data.

Please join us and share your experiences.

Some discussion topics are

What  security training do you provide, or should you provide to your users?
Physical security of your hardware.
·         How are you protecting your infrastructure?
Network security
What do you do if there is a breach?

What inhibitors are you facing regarding to implementing and funding security measures?

Parke Cummins and Tom Templin from Ciber moderated this roundtable discussion

The topic for the Thursday May 23, 2019 meeting was

Applied Enterprise RFID

Bill Hood from Stratum Global RFID will be discussing Applied Enterprise RFID.  The topic will also include discussing about integration and reporting.

Bill will be talking about:

Real Time Process/Production Visibility
Operational Efficiencies
Process Improvement

The topic for the Thursday August 2019 meeting was

IBM Rational Developer for i Roundtable Discussion

This meeting was a roundtable discussion to share experiences and questions with RDi.  We'd like to have a discussion about your experiences with  implementing and using Rational Developer for i, how it has affected your development team, getting management buy-in, inhibitors, and much more.

The topic for the Thursday September 19 2019 meeting was

The Cloud - Could i, Should i, Would i?

Yes Virginia, there IS a cloud for i.  The Cloud isn’t just for email and Windows servers anymore - and you don't HAVE to change platforms.

Michael Fryman (Sr. Solution Architect) and Parke Cummins (Delivery Manager) from Ciber will talk about Cloud in general and what’s new.  They’ll also talk about the pros & cons and show real life studies & examples.

We’d also like to hear your questions and about YOUR experience:
     Are you looking at using The Cloud? 
     What applications or hardware are you looking at moving to the cloud?
     What is driving the decision in your case? 
     What are you finding in your exploration of what’s out there for you (Cloud-wise)?

This meeting will have a short presentation followed by discussion.  Michael and Parke have knowledge and experience to help you arm yourself with discussion points that you can use in your decision making for your company.

The topic for the Thursday November 21  2019 meeting was

TOPIC: IBM i in the Cloud & IBM Cloud Services for IBM i

At our September meeting we had a great general discussion about cloud services in general and some real-life studies.  At this meeting we are able to get Ken Jayne from IBM to talk to us specifically about IBM i and the cloud.  As you know, IBM i is a little different animal with its own nuances to address when moving to the cloud.  This session will give you some more information about cloud in general and about IBM i in the cloud in particular.

IBM announced IBM Cloud services for IBM i and AIX earlier this year.  Ken will give us a brief overview of this service which will hopefully generate some discussion about IBM i in the cloud.

It’s our hope that this session will give you additional information about Cloud and IBM i in the Cloud that you can use to help in your company’s decisions when discussing Cloud options.


Ken Jayne
NA Cloud Business Partners and Channel Innovation
IBM Cloud

The topic for the Thursday February 20, 2020 meeting was

Roundtable discussion – What are your favorite free or inexpensive utilities for IBM i?

Let’s share.  For this meeting we’d like to have a roundtable to talk about your favorite inexpensive or free utilities for IBM i. 

These can span from free open source products like Open Source Technologies on IBM i (5733-OPS) – (Wait!  that’s a FREE IBM product!) to any other of those utilities that make you life easier in IBM i-land – especially of they are free or inexpensive..

Let’s talk about your favorites and share your favorites.  You might learn about something new.

The topic for the Thursday March 26, 2020 meeting was

TOPIC: Security- Active Endpoint Detection and Response

Brian Schneble from SentinelOne will talk to us about the latest technology in cyber threat detection and remediation.  This should be of interest to all of us as the growing number of cyber threat actors means that conventional AV and current enterprise tools cannot keep up with the increasing malware creation that is growing exponentially month after month.

The differentiation in product comes when a company can now use machine learning and behavioral engines in combination with their AI. 

Cyber security companies are teaching AI systems to detect viruses and malware by using complex algorithms so AI can then run pattern recognition in software.   AI systems can also be used in situations of multi-factor authentication to provide access to their users. 

Benefits of AI to the security industry include better management of data and data centers, lower organizational costs and resources, faster threat detection and mitigation, and more reliable authentication of users. 

The topic for the Tuesday October 27, 2020 meeting was

TOPIC: Red Hat Ansible Platform

This was a virtual event introducuction to Red Hat Ansible utomation Platform.

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation is helping organizations around the world improve efficiency and control costs.