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We are expanding!

This year we plan to have two presentations each month on the third Tuesday and third Thursday of the month.  The Thursday presentations will remain mostly IBM i orientated and the Tuesday presentations will focus more on Intel based systems and software, networking, data collections, etc.

Watch this page for topic and location information.

Meetings will be held at noon at

CIBER Innovation and Technology Center
4100 Edison Lakes Parkway, Suite 240
Mishawaka, IN  46545

Lunch will be provided

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There will be TWO presentations this month! 
Lunch will be provided at each meeting.

 Thursday April 16, 2015:

Topic IBM Backup options and CBU system

We will discuss the current backup options and strategies for IBM i and take a look at what's currently available. 

Are you taking advantage the technology?

Are you backing up the right stuff?

Can you backup faster?

Will you be able to restore?

We'll also talk about Capacity Backup Server and what it can do for you.

Our speaker on April 17th will be Craig Nelson from Ciber.  Craig is a Senior Solution Architect with over 30 years of experience working with System 38 and Power Systems (formerly AS/400 and iSeries).

Please register before noon on the day before the meeting

Tuesday April 21, 2015:

Topic QRadar

QRadar is the Garter-leading Security Intelligence and Event Management (SIEM) system.

IT security is something that keeps your CEO up at night.  WE GUARANTEE IT.  The top 5 data breaches in the first half of 2014 include eBay, Michael's Stores, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company, Spec's and St. Joseph Health System.  That just the top 5 and that didn't include the larger, more public breaches such as at Target, United Health Care and the more local breaches (Indiana based) Indiana University, Butler University and St. Vincent Breast Center in Indianapolis.  If you, or your management, is not paying attention to what is happening in this space, you should be simply based on the legal and financial ramifications for your company.

We will discuss the current security threat landscape, the tools that are applicable to specific kinds of attacks, and suggest approaches for managing information security that are practical, realistic, and cost-effective.    This is not a topic that is going to fade away any time soon, so gear up now and start your education.

Our speaker on April 21st will be Parke Cummins from Ciber.  Parke has over 30 years in the IT industry, from programming with punched cards to programming with hybrid applications and cloud integrations.  He has worked in systems development as an advisory programmer with IBM in Rochester, MN  and then moved to Senior consulting manager at Ciber.   Parke is an IBM certified deployment professional for QRadar.

Please register before noon on the day before the meeting

See the Archives for topics and presentation downloads for past meetings.

Getting qualified speakers is not easy, please support MRMUG with your attendance so we can continue to provide speakers for topic that interest you. 

Still running on IBM i V5R4 or V6R1?


·   IBM i OS V6R1 will be withdrawn from marketing on December 14, 2014!
It will be withdrawn from support on September 30, 2015!

If you are still running on IBM iOS Version 6, you need to strongly consider upgrading to Version7!

has announced that IBM i OS V6R1 will be withdrawn from marketing on December 14, 2014 and withdrawn from service on September 30, 2015.  This means that if you are not already at V7 you should consider upgrading to V7R1 or V7R2 as soon as possible.

Service Extension will most likely be available for V6R1, but this will be an additional cost above Software Maintenance as Software Maintenance is a requirement for service Extension.

Extended support for V5R4 is ending!

·   Support for V5R4 ended on September 30, 2013.
·   Service Extension for V5R4 ends September 30, 2016.

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